“We Move Ideas “


  1. Just MDMG’s aerodynamic shape will catch your attention!

  2. Both our advanced LED taxi tops technology and design are patented.

  3. Outdoor – You can’t miss our advanced LED taxi tops if you are in the outdoors.

  4. Our digital taxi top might just appear in front of your eyes at the most unexpected place and moment.

  5. Mobility – Offer deeper and wider penetration to outdoor market.

  6. Our digital taxi top will and can boldly go where no billboard has gone before.

  7. Number of Digital Displays – More displays, more impressions! Simple math!

  8. We are adding more taxi tops quickly. Stay tuned! High Impact,Full color, bold and bright under daylight. Highest Recall Rate –

  9. Alternative media has a 92% recall rate, TV 13%, newspaper 3% and radio 2%. Burke Research. 10. 10. Digital displays outperformed static bus signs by 38% in ad recall, and beat static billboards by 16%. Arbitron Limitless Creativity !

  10. Create digital files in jpeg, avi, flash and most popular formats supported by Windows.

Quick Deployment of Time Sensitive Messages – Click, click, done!  Spend less! Get more bangs for your advertising dollars! Want Even More Bangs?

Absolutely terrific for branding!! Special Event – Yes, we do special events just for you, too. How about a proposal to your loved one?

Birthday, Anniversary, Campaign, etc, etc.?

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